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Zone Heating and Cooling with Ambiance.

Aqua Zone Comfort llc manufactures our mini-split systems that provide you with zone heating and cooling using Mini-Split Furniture. A beautiful way to reduce your energy costs using "Hidden Comfort". Mini Split furniture will put you in your Comfort Zone. Available in four stardard finishes, and with custom colors and finishes also available.. Watch the video below and see what you can view on the LED/HD screen while you heat or cool the room with the Ambiance created by Hidden Comfort.
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Video: One Cool Fireplace

Mini split heating and cooling system, Hidden Comfort, Mini-Split furniture.

We've got the highest efficiency options for all of your air-conditioning needs. Zone cooling only the areas you need cooled is the most cost effective method . We have the newest most efficient units on the market, Hidden Comfort.

Heating and Cooling with Ambiance

​What is a heating & cooling ductless mini split you may ask? 

    A ductless mini-split uses two major components, first is the condenser which is located outside, units look similar to a common whole house air conditioning outdoor unit , second is the evaporator which in the past was a white colored vent like devise that usually hung high on a wall inside the room to be  heated or cooled. Evaporators in most models are not very attractive.

   All that has changed now that Aqua Zone Comfort has released its new Patent Pending Mini Split Furniture. "One Cool Fireplace & One Cool Cabinet" , now we can have affordable zone heating & zone cooling with Ambiance by hiding the heating and cooling system in Plain Sight.  Finally someone has brought elegance to home heating & cooling. "Mini-Split Furniture" is the wave of the future, providing you with a beautiful way to reduce your energy costs, and help put you in your Comfort Zone. Alternative Heating & Cooling Solutions, LLC is your source for this great new product.

   Zone heating and cooling with our Mini-Split Furniture gives you not only energy savings with our SEER 20 rated heat pump,  but with the indoor unit hidden in plain sight inside the hardwood Amish crafted furniture you can enjoy the Ambiance created by our Patented "Hidden Comfort."  

We've got great products that will tackle all of your heating concerns. Zone heating is the most effective method of home heating. We have mini split furniture to provide you great heat with Hidden Comfort. Mini-Split furniture.

​Chigo ​high efficiency mini-split systems have evolved from a long period of dedication by it's founder. Since founding an Engineering & Service Center in 1989, and then Chigo in 1994 improvements and awards have been the benchmark of Chigo. Now with Jacki Chan as the spokes person Chigo continues to build on it's legacy. SEER 20 and HSPF 9.3 rated units are the "Hot" and "Cold" behind "Hidden Comfort".  Below is an informative video on Chigo.

Finishes available for the fireplace and cabinet models: Natural, grey tone, brown and ebony. Custom colors available at additional cost. 



For all your Home comfort needs we specialize in zone heating


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Video: Hidden Comfort - Mini-Split Furniture

One Cool Fireplace, Mini-split Furniture that creates Hidden Comfort. Hiding your heating and cooling system in Plain Sight with Mini Split Furniture creates an environment rich in Ambiance.
Click here for more video of the One Cool Fireplace

 "Hidden Comfort" Mini-Split Furniture, HVAC with Ambiance.

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